Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a travel planner?

A.K.A. “couldn’t I just do this by myself?” Probably so. But do you actually want to? And how much is your time worth to you? There are many people for whom planning their vacations is fun. If you’re one of those people, great! There are also many people who don’t have the time, energy, or patience to spend hours poring over websites and guidebooks, trying to sift through the mountains of information to create the best possible trip for their family. For those people, I would recommend outsourcing the work of planning your trip so you don’t have to stress about wasting time and money on a disappointing vacation. Instead, you can take off on your adventure knowing that the trip you’ve been saving up for has been well researched and planned out for you.

What’s the difference between your Custom Packages and your Premade Packages?

Our Custom Packages are created on request for any destination, and include a signature travel guide with recommendations on what to see and do, as well as where to stay and how to get there. Upon approval, reservations are made on your behalf.

Our Premade Packages include all of the above, but are for set destinations and lengths. They can be customized within reason (and obviously for the number of people in your group) but if the Premade Packages do not meet your needs exactly then we may recommend purchasing a Custom Package instead so that we can create something that fits your family’s needs just right!

how do you curate your travel guides?

We’ll start with a consultation and a questionnaire so that we can get as clear a sense as possible of the kind of trip you’re looking for and who is going. After that, we will research your trip as if it were our own, using a combination of personal experience, local contacts, highly-reviewed activities, and trustworthy guidebooks. Obviously, we haven’t been everywhere and can’t provide personally vetted experiences for every location, but we’ll ensure that everything is researched as thoroughly as possible. Once we have sent you your travel guide, you may request up to two rounds of revisions for changes or additions. We gladly welcome feedback for any of our recommendations that you ended up trying out.

What makes you different from any other travel agent/planner?

Our focus on traveling with kids and all the details that come with that. We know you want a separate room to put your baby in so you don’t have to drink wine with your spouse in the hotel bathroom after they go to bed. We know how nice it is to have a high chair while traveling so you don’t have to have your squirmy toddler sit in your lap and throw spaghetti noodles all over you. We know you can’t just hop in an Uber without thinking about what you’re going to do with the car seat(s) once you get to your destination. We know your kid is going to melt down after a full morning of sight-seeing and you have to get back for a nap in the afternoon.

We know this because we’ve been through all of this, and these are the exact issues we’ve dealt with. We’re here to create the best possible trip for you and your family, which means thinking through details like these so that your trip goes as well as possible! We can’t guarantee everything will go without a hitch (no one can), but with our attention to detail we hope that you can enjoy your travels as much if not more than before you had kids.

Can you still plan for us if we don’t have kids?

Of course! We want to do what we can to get everyone out traveling more and stressing less. Maybe you have kids and want to leave them at home, maybe you’re a solo traveler who doesn’t like the hassle of planning, or maybe you’re an adoptee looking for help planning a heritage journey - the beauty of our travel guides is that they’re tailor-made for you from scratch so we can include whatever activities and sights make the most sense for you.

are you a travel agent?

No, this is not a travel agency. We do not work with specific suppliers for commission, and therefore our lodging/activity/tour recommendations are based solely on what we think is the best fit for your family. This is also why we charge a planning fee.

what if i have to cancel my trip?

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance as it may cover the cost of our planning fee. Otherwise, our fee is non-refundable. We charge 50% of our fee upfront and 50% upon delivery of the travel guide and reservation booking.

Why can’t you book my airbnb?

We realize and appreciate that Airbnb and other home or property sharing platforms (Outdoorsy, VRBO, etc) provide a very cost-effective way to travel and stay in great locations within cities that otherwise would not be affordable. If you are open to staying in these types of accommodations and understand that we cannot guarantee the condition of the housing, we will research and recommend a few homes, which you will then need to review and book for yourself. Due to the terms of use, we cannot book homes on behalf of our clients.

Additionally, due to liability reasons, we cannot book flight tickets. We can, however, research and find the best flight prices and times for you and send you the link to easily book yourself.